So What Secrets of Bali Will you Uncover?

From the age of twelve, Bali captured my imagination and I never knew why. Having travelled the world and then, over 20 years later, I finally understood, on 'our' very first visit to the island. By this time, 'I' had become 'we', and so it began, 'our' enduring affection of this most enchanting island and its people.


Over the years, we have made many friends and have countless stories to tell. Our passion for Bali and all it represents is also entwined in our two sons, and now, we would like to share this knowledge with you.


We will guide you throughout the island, from endless stunning beaches and resorts to lush rice terraces of the interior. Its not just about beaches and rice terraces. In the villages, watch with fascination as the artisans of Ubud create their arts and crafts before you. A village ceremony can be an explosion of colour and a photographer's joy!


We can offer you an insight and understanding into the Balinese people and their culture. With their deep spiritual beliefs, how they embrace us, the stranger, the visitor to their land, with love, grace and gratitude.


We invite you to share some of our personal experiences, what you absolutely 'must see' and 'must do' (and of course, what you 'mustn't do')!


Read our own reviews about some of the hotels and villas together with some of our favourite Indonesian restaurants around the island. Come on a journey with us so that you too can discover the heart and soul of the Island of the Gods..............