It's not a bad idea to move reasonably quick towards the arrival hall and maybe go to toilet after the immigration check. This will avoid you being last in the queue - which can be quite long.


Most travelers from most countries now do not a visa on arrival and will get their passport stamped for a visit of thirty days which is not extendable ( remember to leave before the thirty days expire)


If you want to able to extend your stay, you will have to obtain a visa on arrival for 35US$. This can be extended at an immigration office for a further thirty days.

















Luggage is next and then customs, be warned if you carry alcohol through in your suitcases, you may find it marked with a cross for the customs to identify, and then palms will have to be greased! Heaven forbid, if you try to take drugs in with you!












Arriving in Bali

Arriving in Bali is an assault on all of your senses in one fell swoop! This is one of those times that you may just have to jump through hoops to get where you want to be! Even worse when your flight is just one of several that have landed within a short space of time!

So, you have done all of this and you think you can relax - not quite, step outside the arrivals hall and you will be bombarded with a sea of faces, most of which are drivers looking for your business!

                                             DON'T FORGET


You will probably need to change some currency at the airport to pay for your taxi. Don't change too much at the airport as the rates are often lower than in the resorts


If you haven't got transport booked, go outside the arrivals hall and you will see an official taxi kiosk beside the car hire and money changers. You can pre pay your taxi at set rates to wherever you are going. The voucher you will get is given to the driver and apart from a tip or waiting time if you are checking out hotels, there is nothing more to pay. The big plus is that it certainly diverts the attention of all of the other 'wannabe' drivers!

So now you are in Bali, The Island of the Gods.......Enjoy!

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