Diving in Bali & the Gili Islands

Bali is renown for the paradise island that it truly is, but delve a little deeper and uncover a whole different world.

Below the crystal blue waters around the shores of Bali and its neighbouring islands, a kaleidoscope of colours and aquatic characters, in all shapes and sizes await discovery by the slightly more adventurous and inquisitive.


As the clock has ticked by, environmental issues around the world have made their way to the forefront of topical conversations. Thankfully, it's cool to be a 'greeny' these days and there is no exception when it comes to people trying to protect the ocean.

Indonesians have not been alone in being unaware of the consequences of indiscriminate dynamite fishing and sub sequential destruction of the coral reefs. But today, conscious of the impact on the environment and sustainable tourism, the tide, so to speak, has turned and many protective projects have been instigated to secure the future of the islands around Bali and their people.


Whether you are a novice or somewhat more experienced, you will delight at the abundance of marine life, wrecks and natural phenomenon that await you on your underwater journey.


Bali and its neighbouring islands to date, have strangely enough, been some of the most unexplored and unexploited dive destinations in Asia and every corner of these islands offers a unique experience to all.

There are some excellent resorts in and around the islands of Bali, which offer a wide range of accommodation from budget to luxury, together with Dive Centres and Schools that will offer everything from Fun Dives to Advance Diving Courses and wreck dives.


Remember, you don't have to stay at the resort to experience the dive centre or dive school.



Dive Centres and Dive Schools of Bali

and The Gili Islands

Manta Dive Resort, Gili Air


Manta Gili Air Resort has fast become one of the best resorts on Gili Air, not just for divers either, but also anyone looking for quality facilities and a relaxing stay on the island.



Manta Dive Resort, Gili Trawangan


Manta Dive Resort, Gili Trawangan offers superb diving, dive courses, water sports and resort facilities.



Mimpi Resort, Menjangan


The location of Mimpi Menjangan Resort preserves an ideal setting for diving, snorkelling, canoeing, sea-biking and an easy exploration to discover the flora and fauna of the Bali Barat National Park.  



Mimpi Resort, Tulamben


Mimpi Resort is situated on the black lava rock beach of Tulamben. The layout of the resort with its lush tropical gardens and pathways, give the hotel a cosy and intimate feel about it.



Alam Anda Dive and Spa Resort, Tulamben


On the north east coast of Bali between Tulamben and Tejakula, hidden behind coconut and orange plantations, far away from all other tourists Alam Anda Diver and Spa Resort directly by the sea.



Siddhartha Dive And Spa Resort, Singaraja


On the north coast of Bali, just west of Singaraja at the small village of Kubu is the popular Siddhartha Dive and Spa resort.



Waka Nusa, Nusa Lembongan


Waka Nusa is not weighed down with tons of facilities like some of the more commercial resorts, but that is what makes it special.



Waka Shorea, Barat National Park


Waka Shorea is what I would describe as having a 'rustic feel' about it; the rooms have old heavy wooden floors and calico curtains.