Entertainment in Bali

Clubs, restaurants, cafes and bars and other entertainment in Bali are not in short supply. Quality and quantity, both national and international, do vary around the various parts of the island. Outside the resorts and Denpasar, restaurants and bars tend to be local 'warungs' and 'kedais'. Tourist routes across the island will have restaurants along the road that cater to the individual and tour groups during the day. Hotels outside of the main tourist areas are quite often the only place to enjoy an evening meal or a drink at the bar.



As we are not night owls, I have to be honest and say that if a good night club hit us in the face, we wouldn't recognise it! Restaurants - now that is something we are good at, but really good all round restaurants are hard to come by wherever you are in the world. The ones that do jump out of us are mentioned in our Guide to Bali  





Cafes, restaurants and bars are plentiful stretching from Kuta, Legian and along to Seminyak. Seminyak, however in the last year or two, has become the 'in place' to be with more upmarket restaurants, bars and nightclubs opening, but there still is a broad range for all budgets and tastes to suit everyone.  



The real 'hot spots' for nightlife are to be found in these resorts. The clubs don't really come alive until after midnight as other establishments close and people move onto the nightclubs for the rest of the night through until the early morning.


You occasionally hear about 'full moon parties', details can sometimes be found on posters put up around the resorts or by word of mouth.




Sanur is a much quieter and laid back resort and tends to be very popular with couples and those looking to chill out. However, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from, but you'll generally be home by midnight.




Nusa Dua is 5 star all the way! Restaurants tempt you with sumptuous menus, and of course you will pay for it, but you are in Indonesia and the cost does not resemble the equivalent in the west. Unless you venture out of Nusa Dua with a short taxi journey to Sanur or Kuta, you are pretty much restricted to your or adjacent hotel facilities without really touching base with the locals.





Beach side, some of the best hotels can be found here and in that respect, it is similar to Nusa Dua. But Jimbaran Bay's other attraction is where the seafood warungs line the beach close to the fish market. There is no fish fresher than can be found here! A word of caution though, you pick out your own seafood and you are given a price as it is sold by the weight. It is common knowledge that the scale always worked in favour of the restaurant and lately, officials have tightened up considerably to ensure tourists were not being ripped off. However, the fish you pick out is not necessarily the one that lands on your plate! Recognising birthmarks to ensure you have the correct fish are difficult to detect! However, it is, as usual, the odd one that spoils it for the rest of the restaurants and many a great meal has been sampled here!





Candidasa is a bar and restaurant scene, so don't be looking to boogie the night away 'til dawn. Still, it does have a few classy restaurants and bars to choose from.




Not noted for its culinary cuisine as sophistication has not yet reached Padangbai. Saying that, we have shared and very much enjoyed some great evenings and dinners, in want is, still a chilled out and generally undeveloped backpacker resort.




When you come to Ubud, you chill, no discos here, just plenty of really nice restaurants, warungs and bars with great food. Early to bed, early to rise is the order of the day for Ubud!


If you would like to watch any displays of cultural dance, then Ubud is the number one place to watch them. Tickets are sold by hotels or in the street around the market area and are usually held early evening.




Lovina is evolving from a sleepy backpacker village to a viable alternative which compares well to the east coast of Bali. When we first visited Lovina, there was only literally a couple of warungs, but now there are far more options, but don't expect nouvelle cuisine as it's still working its way here!


There are for you night owls, a couple of discos/night spots, one in the village and also one or two within local hotels.



If you are staying in Canggu, it is easy and inexpensive enough to hop in a taxi to Seminyak for evening entertainment or alternatively local hotels offer some very good restaurants and bars if you do not want to venture very far.




If you are staying in the smaller resorts, your dining and entertainment will generally be confined to the hotel you are staying at, or in those close by yours. It is always worth asking at the hotel reception for any recommendations.