Guide to Bali?

If you have never been to Bali then the Guide to Bali, we hope, will give you some ideas about planning your next visit.


It can be so easy just to sit on the beach, wander around the resort where you are staying and just really chill, especially after working your socks off every day to get here!


The first 2 or 3 visits, we really never did much at all. Apart from being exhausted after a heavy summer season in tourism, we were just so in love with everything about Bali, so just sat back and soaked it all up!


But there is so much more to Bali, and with becoming much more inquisitive as we have gotten older, have since spent many a visit over the years seeking out new places to discover and explore.


Earlier this year, we stayed in the area around the village of Sidemen, inland and on the south eastern part of the island.


There are one or two new villas and lovely boutique hotels being built, a sure sign it will not be too long before its on the main tourist trail. Right now though, its one of those places that you soon realize that actually, you are the attraction! Inquisitive locals clearly think that you have somehow lost your way!  


Anyway, we did some gentle hiking, and of course chilled out again! Nyoman our driver of some 14 years had been there before, but not for 6 years and he is a very busy tour guide! When you are lucky enough to stumble on a place like this, off the main tourist trails, you really do feel like a traveller in an unexplored corner, yet its there, on the map for all to see!  


In every country, resort or city, you have the regulation excursions and in Bali you have the likes of Tanah Lot, Ubud, the Bali rice terraces, Gunung Batukau and Batur, etc. They are not to be missed places to see but what we plan to do is to peel back some of the hidden layers of this wonderful tropical island and its people so that you too can experience some special Bali Travel Secrets!  

                                           REGENCIES OF BALI


There are 8 regencies of Bali plus the municipal city of Denpasar, capital of Bali.


The Guide to Bali has been divided into 6 regions, North, South, East, West, Central Bali and the islands off the south east coast of Bali to assist and simplify planning your itinerary.

baliregionsmap-1 eastcoastwater