Private Driver in Bali

The luxury of having your own Private Driver in Bali is actually pretty standard for visitors and very, very affordable.


We are pleased to announce that with the popularity of our tailored tours at attractive rates, we now have three drivers working with Bali Travel Secrets.


In addition to airport and resort transfers and excursions, we can offer you individually tailored tours from a couple of days plus, all with or without hotel/villa accommodation.


If you wish to take a day out during your tour just to relax by the pool, or take a boat trip, then that's no problem to Bali Travel Secrets: you only pay for the days you have pre booked the driver.


Alternatively, some clients prefer to have their driver available to them on standby for the duration of their trip. It is entirely your choice and we will work to your requirements. If you wish to adjust or add something to your itinerary during your tour we can also generally accommodate any changes.


Our drivers are all English speaking with many years of experience behind them serving clients from all over the world. Bali Travel Secrets also has one driver that speaks excellent German and is also studying Japanese. Our drivers have been picked for their friendliness, humour and customer skills as well as their experience and knowledge as tour drivers of Bali.


All vehicles are fully air conditioned and our drivers carry suitable attire for their clients to wear during visits to temples whilst on excursions and tours.

Nyoman Sumarta, married with a daughter, has been our regular driver since the mid 1990's having obtained his license and started as a tour guide when he was 20 years old. Nyoman is the priest of his village and also teaches yoga and mediation.




Nyoman No. 2, is brother to Nyoman No. 1! Nyoman is married with one daughter. Nyoman has been a tour driver for over 10 years in Bali.



Ketut is married with one son, Ketut has been a tour driver for 18 years in Bali.


                                            FAMILY NAMES


You may be wondering why there are two brothers with the same christian name and not the same surname. In Bali, the first born child, boy or girl, is named Wayan, the second born is Made, the third born Nyoman and the forth born Ketut. If the family have more than 4 children, then the cycle of names begins again.


The distinction between male and female can be made when 'I' is put before the name identifying that it is a male and 'Ni' identifies that it is a female.