Weddings in Bali

30 some years ago our dream wedding took place on a damp and wet October Saturday in South London. I remember we couldn't stop shivering with the cold!

Times have changed and the world has become far more accessible. Our dreams and aspirations have increased 10 fold, well, it has for us girls!


Would I do it all again, yes! Even the man would be the same, but the venue? Well, it would have to be Bali!


Strip it all back. All the dreams you held since you were a little princess and for the day you would meet prince charming.


There are so many pressures on couples today but who is a wedding really about? Is it that endless list of family and acquaintances that you don't want to offend or is it about the two of you and a handful of very special people in your life? Humm, tough call!


The cost of a Balinese wedding of course will vary depending on the venue and how simple or sumptuous you wish it to be, but it will still be very inexpensive compared with the 'big day' at home.


One thing is for sure, not only will you be warmer than we were; it will be a momentous event that will stay with you forever!


There are resorts with their own wedding chapels, beautiful tropical gardens or a beach of glistening silver sands, any one of them an exceptional place to have your wedding service or to renew your wedding vows.


It's a special occasion and is personal and intimate to any couple, but the Balinese people will, inevitably ensure that it will be the most unforgettable first day of the rest of your life!