Why Bali?

Why Bali? There are many incredible unspoiled places throughout the world, after all, it is a pretty big place!

We write and talk about this most special island, how wonderful it is, the scenery and the beaches. Truly though, this is just the backdrop, the stage for the performance and the performers. The stars of the show are, unquestionably, the people themselves.

When you arrive (well once you leave the airport!), you step into almost another world. The Balinese are such enchanting people. They are also gracious, polite and proud. Of course, there is good and not so good in all nationalities, but they seem to have this aura and a serenity that encompasses everything and everyone around them and is not comparable with anything else I have encountered around the world.

Most Balinese people have very little in terms of material things nor do they want for them. Part of their beliefs are that if they desperately wish for something, then their soul will follow that wish and never return and if they are unhappy about something, their soul becomes unwell and leaves forever. Their deeply held values evolve from their cultural and religious upbringing and is the very foundation in which the Balinese live their lives with such contentment.  

Why Bali? Once you have been, I promise, you will understand!

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